We offer classes for young adults beginning at high school graduation and continuing through our senior saints who are vocationally retired. There are classes for young married's, parents of preschoolers, parents of school aged children, and empty-nesters. There are couples’ classes and men’s and women’s exclusive offerings. There is literally a place for everyone!


Class 9:00 am


Men 1&2 (18-39)
Dan Scott
Men 3&4 (40-59)
Bard Tiemann
Men 5/Vets (60-69)
Larry Hawn
Men 6 (70-up)
Bob Stuehlmeyer


Women 1 (18-29)
Candace Sloat
Women 2&3 (30-49)
LaRel Davis
Women 4 (50-59)
Tammy Donnelly / Debbie Stuehlmeyer
Women 5&6 (60-79)
Naomi Crowell / Lucy Ervin
Women 7 (80-up)
Ruth Hughes / Rose Jackson


The Rest of Us
Larry Stuehlmeyer






Contact Information

500 W McCord Street
Centralia, IL 62801

Phone: 618-532-9596

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