We are so excited that you are considering visiting with us. We know that attending a new church can be stressful. Where to park? What entrance do we go in? Where is the worship area? Here, we would like to address these questions to make your first time more pleasant and less stressful.
We know that you will find friendly people and hear God's word preached and above all to experience God.
We look forward to meeting you! Please print and fill out our visitor form and bring it with you on your next visit or you can submit your information through our contact us page.
Feel free to read through our FAQ's.


How do I get to Eternity Baptist Church?

Eternity Baptist Church is located on the west side of Centralia at 500 W. McCord. We are on the way to Walmart Mart. If you are coming from Salem, Patoka, or Sandoval, make a right turn at The Fuel Vend, go over the overpass and we are on the right side of the road a few blocks down. If you are coming from Mt Vernon, make a left turn at Central Park Burgers. Go through the next light and continue over the overpass and come several blocks down. If you are coming from the west side of town, turn left at Farm fresh and we are a block down.


What time does Church start?

Our church times are posted on our home page.

Where do I park when I get there?

There is handicap parking on the east side of the church. There is closer parking on the west side of the church and there is visitor only parking on the west side. There is parking behind the church. And there is parking across the street at our youth facility.

Which doors do I come through?

There are two sets of double doors on the east and west side of the main church building. Our worship area is located to the far southern end of the building. The east and west double doors are near the worship area. These doors are also closest to the nursery, preschool and bathroom areas.

How do people dress at Eternity Baptist Church?

Most people dress casually at Eternity Baptist. Some still prefer to dress up. Jeans and a shirt are great. Clean and covered is preferable. You do not have to have fancy clothes to fit in here.

Do you have a Welcome Center?

Yes. We have a welcome table outside the worship area and a Welcome Center near the second set of double doors.

What can I expect from the preaching?

We are a conservative church and the preaching reflects that. The sermons teach us about God’s word and have practical applications for life.

What type of music do you have?

We have a blended worship service. You will hear everything from a brand new Christian song that you just heard on the radio to a 200 year old hymn. What we strive for is music that honors God regardless if it is old or new. The am worship service tends to be more contemporary and the evening leans more towards the traditional. We have our “Sounds of Eternity Praise Team” which includes a band, vocalists and visual arts.

Where is The Children’s area?

The best access to our children’s area is to come in the second set of double doors. There is a east and west entrance. In the middle of the hall is a set of stairs that go to the basement to the children’s area. The children’s area is a cool space. There is also an elevator that accesses the basement for those who cannot use the stairs.

Where is the Preschool/Nursery area?

This area is near the first set of double doors near the east side. It is right outside the worship area.

Do I need to register my child?

Yes. We will take the information for your child the first time they come. It is important if we need to contact you or they have allergies that we need to know about. It will take a little time but helps ensure the safety of your child.


Where is the Youth area?

The youth area is across the street from the main building. It looks like a older church building because it was the original Eternity Baptist Church building. This is another cool space.

Where are the adult classes?

The adult classes are on the main floor of the building and can be accessed from either set of double doors.

Is there any security at Eternity Baptist Church?

Your safety is important to us. There are no 100% guarantees of safety anywhere we go and church is no different. We do live in increasingly violent times. We do have safety precautions and we work to improve them all the time. Once the service starts, the doors are locked. Security is in place to let people in at this point. There are people trained to deal with situations in the services.

All nursery, preschool, children’s and youth workers undergo background checks. We as a church believe in the healing and saving power of Jesus and that a person can be forgiven and a viable member of the church. But, we require a clean background check for anyone wanting to work in these areas. NO exceptions.

Where are your bathrooms located?

There are bathrooms right outside the worship area in the hall. There is a second set of bathrooms near the adult classrooms. The preschool area has its own child sized bathrooms. There are bathrooms in the youth building.

Where is the Worship area located?

The worship area is at the farthest southern end of the building; the part of the building under the steeple.

Where can I sit?

Anywhere there is an open seat in the chairs or pews. We the members do not own the pews and we want you, the guest to sit where you are comfortable. You will notice if you attend much, that we tend to sit in the same places.

If you did not find your question here, please contact us and we would be happy to answer other questions or concerns you might have.





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