The first step to becoming a member is first becoming a believer. Please see the section, “How to Become a Believer.”
We are a Baptist church. Upon becoming a believer, baptism is a first step of obedience in beginning your journey with Jesus. Our beliefs are explained in "The Statement of Faith” section of the website. We believe in baptism by immersion. This means to be completely put under the water and brought back up. We require that a believer be baptized by immersion and then attend a New Believers’ Class and a New Members’ Orientation Class before becoming a member. Being a member here or attending the class will not save you, only becoming a believer will do that.

We require new believers to attend a New Believer's Class. The purpose of the New Believer's Class is threefold:




It gives the new member a clear understanding of the significance of the new life in Christ.



It explains the responsibilities inherited because of the Christian experience and what we as a church expect from our members and what you can expect from us.



It defines what it means to become a member of God's Church. By using God's Word as the final authority, the New Member's Class also seeks to emphasize the distinction between a true conversion and church membership.


The topics discussed in the course are designed to motivate the new member to become an avid student of the bible and an uncompromising doer of God's Word. Upon completion of the required classes, the potential member will go before the church body to be voted on. We get excited about new members so you will have a happy bunch of believers cheering for you!
If you are joining from another Baptist church and you have confessed and turned away from your sin and trusted upon The Lord Jesus and been baptized, you may join by the transfer of your membership letter from your previous church or by statement of faith if that is not available.


We have a New Members’ Orientation Class for those who are joining by letter or statement of faith.


If you are uncertain of your beliefs or need to know more about becoming a member, please feel free to contact the church. Our hours are on the home page of the web site. There are people who will meet with you to help you in this matter.



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