** July 29th, 2015. It was announced that the Friendship House was seeking a new location. We will update our page when new information comes available.
The Friendship House is a project that provides housing for the homeless. Although the project is not officially open, they are renovating the old Friendship House nursing home into a place for the homeless in the community.
The Friendship House Project Shelter is located in the old 54-room Friendship House Nursing Home, which was shuttered in 2013 after census data showed the facility was no longer viable.
Four wings are planned in the building, each serving a different purpose. One wing will service single men, another single women. One wing is specifically designed for to accomodate families, and a fourth wing will be used to serve transient people for short periods of time.
Project spokesperson stresses that the rooms are not temporary social aid or a simple handout. "To be in a sleep room, it's $24 a day. If you're in a family room, it's $40 a day. It's not a handout, it's a hand up. "They can pay that in US Currency, or they can pay that in sweat equity [through work]. We're not going to push them into a job to pay for that room, but we are going to expect them to work...eight hours a day."
Long-term residents can stay for a maximum of two years while enrolled in social programs designed to move residents towards self-sufficiency.
Members of Eternity Baptist help paint houses to be placed in the community to help support the project.


Friendship House
1000 E McCord St
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(618) 532-3326
Here at Eternity Baptist Church, we support the Friendship House.


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